Busbar Machine - CNC Bending & Punching Machines

602K-8C/7C CNC Busbar Punching and Shearing BUSBAR MACHINE

CNC Busbar Machine
Price 70,000$-100,000$


CNC busbar bending machine
Price 19,800$-35,700$


Busbar Processing Machine
Price 5,000$-17,000$.


CNC Busway Machine
The price is around 29,999$.

CNC Busbar Sawing Bending Riveting MACHINE

CNC Busbar Sawing Bending Riveting Machine
Price 99,988$-120,000$


303E-3-SK Busbar Processing Machine
Price 5,000$-17,000$


Price 9,980$-13800$.


Busbar Levelling Machine is Roller Type Busbar Leveling Machine Roller is 13
Price 8,500$-12,800$.


DGWMX303C-1 3 in 1 Busbar Cutting Bending Punching Machine
Price 5,000$-7,000$


Busbar Machine for cutting Bending and Punching
Price 8,3000$-19,000$

CNC Busbar Machine

The CNC busbar machine typically involves a variety of tools and equipment, including dies, punches, and bending and cutting tools, to remodel the busbars into specific angles, shapes and structures. These devices are used in manufacturing, construction, and other sectors that rely on electrical power distribution systems.

Busbars are widely used in various industries, including shipbuilding, the manufacture of lifts and cabinets, substations, transformers, electrical switches, and high and low-voltage switchgear.

CNC Busbar Machine - What We Offer

Our primary products are conventional CNC Busbar processing equipment and CNC Busway processing equipment.

Our CNC Busbar Machine includes:

CNC Busbar Machine
At LJ Company, we provide the newest steel busbar, aluminium busbar, and copper busbar fabrication tools to companies of all sizes. Our CNC busbar machine has perfect tolerances among any busbar material. Our dedicated team is always ready to speed up production and minimize scrap. The automation solutions from LJ Company will also help with cost and production efficiency! Our machines operate with various materials and are used in numerous industries.

How We Are Different From The Rest

Since its beginning, LJ Company has placed innovation at the core of its operations. Our team, culture, and relationships focus on enhancing our offerings regarding goods, services, and delivery. Our service improvement project covers every facet of our operation, but the question that drives real innovation is always:
CNC Busbar Machine

What can we do to ease our customers' jobs and increase the profit of their businesses?

On our machines, every moving component is electrically driven and controlled automatically. All production setup data can be saved and recalled after a part has been successfully created without mechanical correction. Compared to a hydraulic machine, our all-electric technology offers significantly superior reproducibility. Speed ​​is as quick as a hydraulic machine and is easily adjustable.
Off-Site Service: Using the internet and an HD camera, LJ engineers can monitor the machine and point your local engineers toward machine defects without needing pricey callouts, reducing “downtime.”
A self-contained machine saves significant floor space because it doesn’t require an external power source or electrical cabinet. Very Low Power Consumption – These machines will use about 1/10 as much electricity as other machines due to efficient power utilization.

Does your company process steel, aluminum, or copper busbars? If so, check our website for additional information and contact us immediately with any inquiries.

How CNC Busbar Machines Work

CNC busbar machines are programmed to carry out a variety of jobs with exceptional accuracy. They interpret digital design files and carry out the required procedures to convert raw materials into perfectly shaped busbars. These machines feature specialized tools and dies that can be altered to fit unique project specifications

Benefits of Using CNC Busbar Machines

Busbar machines using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) have significantly changed this business. These advanced devices provide a wide range of capabilities that speed up production and guarantee top-notch quality.

Precise Cutting

One of the remarkable features of CNC busbar machines is their ability to execute high-precision cuts. Our machines are equipped with advanced cutting tools and a computer-controlled system that ensures every cut is accurate to the micrometre and minimizes any errors.

Multiple Cutting Functions

CNC busbar machines are versatile and perform various cutting functions, including straight cuts, perforations, notching, and rounded corners.

Bending and Punching

Apart from cutting, CNC busbar machines can also bend and punch busbars. The bending feature bends busbars at precise angles, while the punching function can create holes and slots as needed.

Automatic Tool Change

To further enhance efficiency, CNC busbar machines switch between different cutting and bending tools without manual intervention, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Safety Features

Safety is crucial in manufacturing, and our CNC busbar machines prioritize it. They are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective enclosures, and sensors to detect obstructions and prevent accidents.


1. What Is A Busbar Machine?

A specialized machine to cut, punch, bend, and manufacture metal busbars! Implement proactive maintenance strategies to prevent unexpected breakdowns and optimize the performance of your busbar machine. Increase reliability and reduce operational costs. Explore the essential features you should look for in a busbar machine. Read More

2. How To Use A Busbar Machine?

Busbars are crucial components that distribute electrical power within switchgear, control panels, and various other applications. Many professionals rely on busbar machines to fabricate and process these power distribution systems to enhance efficiency and productivity. In this article, we'll dive into how to use a busbar machine effectively and safely. Read More

3. What Are The Functions Of Busbar Machines?

Busbar machines are designed to fabricate busbars, an essential component of power distribution systems. A busbar machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to fabricate and assemble busbars. It automates the production process, making it faster, more accurate, and cost-effective. These machines have various tools and capabilities to cut, punch, bend, and shape conductive materials such as copper or aluminum, commonly used for busbars. Read More

4. Busbar Machines Suitable For What Industry?

Are you wondering which industry can benefit from a busbar machine? Whether you're involved in manufacturing, construction, or any other field, understanding the potential of busbar machines can help you improve efficiency and productivity in your operations. Busbar machines are used in different industries, from Electrical and Electronics to Automotive. Read More

5. How To Choose A Busbar Machine?

Are you in the market for a busbar machine but feeling overwhelmed by the various options available? Investing in the right busbar machine is crucial for several reasons. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, we'll walk you through the essential factors to consider when choosing a busbar machine. A high-quality machine will provide consistent results, minimizing errors and rework. Read More


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