NC.40ZB-1200/2000 CNC busbar bending machine


NC.40ZB-1200/2000 CNC Busbar Bending Machine

Price 19,800$-35,700$. (According to different axe, power, and parts… prices are much different)

The CNC busbar bending machine can bend flat bending, vertically bending, u-bending, twisting, and offset bending on copper, and aluminum busbars.


When with CNC busbar shearing and punching machine, it will be included installing and training,  and after-service. If you want to get more information please contact me immediately.

NC.40ZB-1200 CNC busbar bending machine is one processing machine of high efficiency, high automation, high precision that can bend copper/aluminum busbar. The bus bar bending machine adopts servo as the driving force, CNC as control unit, Equipped with independent research and development of CAD/CAM software system, making the the machine with highest automatic in this industry sector. The busbar bending machine is the ideal busbar processing equipment for high-low voltage switch, box type substation, transformer, bus bar ways etc.

The main features of the CNC busbar bending machine:

  • NC.40ZB series CNC busbar bending machine is an ideal processing equipment for bending copper and aluminum busbars, with high efficiency, high automation, high precision, time-saving and labor-saving advantages.
  • With the servomotor power, CNC as the control unit, equipped with independent research and development of CAD/CMD software system, The busbar bending machine is the automation degree of the machine in the industry is the leading level, is high and low voltage complete sets, box-type substation, transformer and other industries of the ideal processing equipment.
  • Using a “closed bending” structure, with simple structure, reasonable force, and mechanical strength compared with open bending greatly strengthened.
  • Adopt a large number of servo motors as the main power, stable transmission, high repeatable positioning accuracy, accuracy is not affected by temperature and more stability.
  • Automatic stop function when standby, greatly reduces energy consumption.
  • For centering mode, linear guide guiding, and force balance, reduce the influence of biased load and friction on the life and processing accuracy of the lead screw.
  • It can connect with the CNC busbar punching and shearing machine online through CNC programming software, and the machine and software do not interfere with each other, convenient for maintenance.
  1. Closed bending structure, simple structure, reasonable stress and high mechanical strength.
Closed structure

     2. CNC gauge.

          Modular design, stable operation.


   3.  Servo motor.

        Good stability, stable transmission, high positioning   accuracy, and the accuracy is not affected by temperature.

Servo motor

     4. Automatic stop function.

         Greatly reduce the working energy consumption.

Auto stop function

      5. Touch screen

          Main machine interface, bending program, clear interface and simple operation

      6. Can Connect  with punching and shearing machine.

          Through the CNC programming software, the machine and software do not interfere with each other and the maintenance is convenient.

Connect with shearing punching machine

Parameter of NC.40ZB-1200/2000 CNC busbar bending machine



Main parts:


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Tim Lim
Tim Lim
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We are using this machine for 4 years. Very good quality.
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Nice Machine, buy it.
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Good. Good quality and good after service.

《NC.40ZB-1200/2000 CNC busbar bending machine》有2条评论


《NC.40ZB-1200/2000 CNC busbar bending machine》有2条评论