602K CNC busbar shearing and punching machine
CNC busbar shearing machine

602K-8C/7C CNC Busbar Punching and Shearing Machine

Price 70,000$-100,000$. (According to different axe, power, and parts… The prices are much different)

This CNC busbar shearing and punching machine is to cut/punch(of round/square/special holes and slot types)/chamfer/emboss the copper/aluminum busbar etc.


The CNC busbar punching shearing machine price is including installing and training,  and after-service.

If you want to get more information please contact me immediately.

Main functions of 602K-8C/7C CNC busbar punching and shearing machine:

Cutting, punching, chamfering, embossing (various circular holes, square holes, special-shaped holes, and groove shapes). And other processing of copper and aluminum busbars.

Introduction and main features of 602K CNC busbar punching and shearing machine:

  1. This bus bar machine is a special processing equipment for copper and aluminum busbars. In high and low-voltage complete sets, switchgear, and other industries. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, labor saving, high processing accuracy, and convenient operation. And it is a beautiful and novel appearance (Patent No.: ZL 201430448531.8).
  2.  The CNC busbar shearing and punching machine has the original processing principle and processing mode. The hydraulic cylinder moving device is a design patent (Patent No.: ZL 201320804568. X). The daily processing capacity is more than several tons. It is an ideal piece of equipment for the bus bar processing industry.
  3.  The long copper aluminum bus bar can be clamped at one time without manual intervention. The punching and shearing of the workpiece can be completed by automatically changing, the clamp repeatedly.
  4. The mold library can be seven punching, one shearing, and one embossing, or eight punchings and one shearing in-line mold library.
  5. The cutting tool is a single knife. Also opposed to cutting (Patent No.: ZL 201300804566.0), and there is no waste after cutting.
  6. The whole CNC busbar shearing and punching machine is composed of a feeding table, die warehouse, conveying device, servo control unit, and auxiliary design system of force construction busbar processing machine, with stable and reliable performance.
  7. The man-machine interface is simple to operate. It is equipped with the auxiliary design system of the LJ busbar processing machine (Certificate No.: Copyright No. 0846802), which reflects the running state of the program in real time.
  8. The die frame is made of nodular cast iron, with good wear resistance, which ensures the concentricity of punching upper and lower dies in the process of long-term use.
  9. The CNC shearing and punching busbar machine can connect with the busbar bending machine NC.40Z-1200/2000 and NC.40ZB-1200/2000.
  • 1.Cutting and punching  base: eight punching +1 cutting or 7 cutting +1 cutting +1 embossing
  • 2.Cutting tool: Single brade mutual press cutting, cutting mouth smooth and flat, cutting no waste.
  • 3.Mold rack: Nodular cast iron material, high wear resistance, long time using also high concentricity of the up and down parts.
Tool rack
  • 4.Hydraulic cylinder moving device Patent: (Patent No.:ZL201320804568.X)
hydraulic cylinder moving device of CNC busbar shearing and punching machine
  • 5 Puller clamp: One time pull time is 2000mm,moving speed is 75m/min
  • 6.Operation software: Self-developed, HMI computer, easy operation(certificate No.: copyright No.: 0846802)
touch screen

Parameter of 602K-8C/7C busbar shearing and punching machine

parameter of busbar shearing and punching

Main parts for the CNC busbar shearing and punching machine:

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Wonderful machine for Switchgear.
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